NICI Limited Edition Jolly Jounis

Pharaoh Jolly Jounis, a cuddly toy sheep made of top-quality NICI plush, wears a golden cape, a colourful collar, and a Pharaoh's crown. He comes in a gift box.

Only 1,666 pieces of the 2018 Jolly Limited Edition are available worldwide. Every sheep has its serial number embroidered on the hoof and brings along a certificate of authenticity.

This year’s limited Edition takes us to Ancient Egypt and Pharaoh Jolly Jounis. He was born as an ordinary sheep, but a fortunate coincidence - in which our time travellers Jolly Backford and Jolly McPort had had their share - made him win the princess’ heart.

Today he reigns over the country on the bank of the Nile as benevolent monarch.

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