NICI Sweet Dreams cuddly toy bear Tommsy

NICI Sweet Dreams cuddly toy bear Tommsy

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Bear Tommsy is one of the NICI Sweet Dreams soft toys. The brown bear helps children and parents make getting ready for bedtime a nice experience, because Tommsy has a special assignment: The cuddly toy accompanies children into dreamland and helps them dream their favourite dream. How Tommsy does this? That's easy. Just before it is time to go to bed, children take a few minutes to draw their dream-wish. The picture is put into the soft toy's pajama front pocket. Now it is time to sleep. There are closed eye-lids are sewn onto Tommsy's reversible nightcap. So when the cap is pulled down, the bear looks as if it was asleep. Now its little owner can close his or here eyes, too, and cuddle the soft toy. Together the two of them travel through dreamland and dream the dream painted into the paper in Tommsy's pocket. Perhaps tonight the two dreamers walk through the wild jungle. Or dive in the deep sea. Everything is possible!
Tommsy is made of cuddly soft, brown NICI plush and wears striped jersey pajamas. The bear is a great companion for children who want to go to bed with a positive feeling. During the day it is a great playmate and in the evening part of a beautiful bedtime-ritual for both parents and children. Bear Tommsy and his Sweet Dreams friends, rabbit Hoby, cat Kimsi, ​​and sheep Wulli are a wonderful gift with real added value for children.

When the sun sets in the evening, it is time for NICI's Sweet Dreams cuddly toys. Children tell them what they want to dream about at night and draw their dream-wish on a piece of paper. The dream is stored in the front pocket of the plush friend's pajamas, where dreams are in good hands. Now the reversible nightcap is pulled over the soft toy's large eyes. It doeses off right away, waiting for it's friend to be joined in the land of dreams. Ths reversible nightcaps principle in combination with super-soft plush soon makes the Sweet Dreams cuddly toys an integral part of the daily bedtime-ritual. Going to bed becomes a breeze for children. Who is going to be your cozy dreamland-companion? Sheep Wulli, rabbit Hoby, bear Tommsy or cat Kimsi?

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