NICI Sweet Dreams cuddly toy cat Kimsi

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NICI Sweet Dreams cuddly toy cat Kimsi

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Cuddly toy cat Kimsi from the NICI Sweet Dreams collection is especially popular among girls. With the cuddly plush cat parents and children create a relaxing bedtime-ritual to which everybody can be looking forward in the evening. Kimsi ​​has a very special ability: they The soft toy accompanies children through dreamland and dreams their favourite dream with them. Just before it is time to go to bed, kids paint a picture of what they would like to dream about. Maybe their would like to be a princess for one night? Or have farm full of cute animals? The painting is stored in the pocket on the front of Kimsis' pajamas. Then the cat's eyes are closed by pulling the brim of the nightcap over the large eyes. Closed eyelids with long lashes are embroidered on the cap's outside. Now children can follow suit: They snuggle up to their plush friend, close their eyes, and accompany Kimsi into the land of dreams.
Cuddly soft NICI plush and pajamas made of colourful jersey fabric make cuddly toy cat Kimsi ​​at a great playmate for children and a faithful companion at night.

When the sun sets in the evening, it is time for NICI's Sweet Dreams cuddly toys. Children tell them what they want to dream about at night and draw their dream-wish on a piece of paper. The dream is stored in the front pocket of the plush friend's pajamas, where dreams are in good hands. Now the reversible nightcap is pulled over the soft toy's large eyes. It doeses off right away, waiting for it's friend to be joined in the land of dreams. Ths reversible nightcaps principle in combination with super-soft plush soon makes the Sweet Dreams cuddly toys an integral part of the daily bedtime-ritual. Going to bed becomes a breeze for children. Who is going to be your cozy dreamland-companion? Sheep Wulli, rabbit Hoby, bear Tommsy or cat Kimsi?

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