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Hot-water bottle sloth Chill Bill

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Hot-water bottle sloth Chill Bill

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approx. 41 x 28 x 12 cm; capacity 350 ml

light brown

made of super-soft NICI plush from 100 % polyester

made of plastic

Special feature:
Relaxing starts with warm feet, this is why sloth Chill Bill has a hot-water bottle in his body. It can be taken out on the back. Chill Bill has soft plush fur and loves to cuddle with his owner.

10 months and older

CAUTION! 1. Never use boiling hot water. 2. Do not fill more of two thirds of the hot-water bottle. 3. Do not overfill, as this might cause the bottle to burst. 4. Always fillll the bottle in an upright position. 5. Please fill the water in slowly in order to avoid hot water splashes. 6. After filling the bottle, carefully press the air out until the water is visible in the opening. 7. Close the hot-water bottle carefully. 8. Screw the stopper suffciently tight to ensure that there is no leakage. Finger-tight should be adequate. 9. Make sure that there is no water left in the funnel of the bottle after it was closed. 10. Do not fill the hot-water bottle with hot water directly from the tap, as this may deteriorate the quality of the product. 11. Drain after use. Store with the plug open in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not lay any objects on the bottle. 12. Keep the hot-water bottle away from hot surfaces. 13. Avoid contact of the hot-water bottle with oil and grease. 14. Do not sit in the bottle and do not use it as a cushion. 15. Only use the hot-water bottle together with the plush cover in order to avoid burns. 16. Check the bottle and the plug for damages and wear on a regular basis.

Washing instructions:
use the delicates programme and wash at 30 degrees

The sloths from the NICI Hang Hang love to relax and unwind. Chill Bill never lets himself be stressed out by others. Slow Joe is relaxation incarnate and always keeps cool. Chill Bill and his buddy Slow Joe come as soft and fluffy cuddly toys and decorate various gift items.They want to remind you to sometimes take a break in your daily routine and relax.

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