NICIdoos Spring Edition

Cuddly toy NICIdoos bumblebee Hooni

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approx. 16 cm

yellow / orange / pink

made of super-soft NICI plush from 100 % polyester

stuffing made from 100 % polyester

made of plastic

Special feature:
cuddly toy bumblebee Hooni is part of NICI's NICIdoos Spring Edition and has lots of flowers printed onto the soft plush on its head. Hooni's special NICIdoos ability: Every time she talks to flowers, they start to sneeze!

0 months

Washing instructions:
handwash recommended

Say good-bye to winter and hello to spring with NICI's NICIdoos Spring Edition cuddly toys. In spring they come out of their cuddly hiding places, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Then they hop around, welcoming every single spring-flower they find.

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