Sports bottle NICI Soulmates horses Miracle and Moon

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Sports bottle NICI Soulmates horses Miracle and Moon

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approx. 19.5 cm; capacity 500 ml

grey with multi-coloured print and violet lid

bottle and cap made of polypropylene (without flexibilisers), stopper made of elastomer, dye suitable for use with foodstuff

Special feature:
this silver drinking bottle in the design of the horses from the NICI Soulmates collection is particularly popular among little horse friends. The plastic water bottle shows drawings of the white Miracle and the brown Moon in a meadow. The lid with a screw plug is violet and is colour-matched to the hills and clouds in the backround of the horse picture

3 years and older

please do not bite or chew on the cap; otherwise, complete leakproofness can no longer be ensured!

Washing instructions:
rinse with hot water (60°C) or in a dishwasher before use. In order to increase the durability of the cap, it is recommended to rinse the cap only with hot water (up to 60°C) and not to clean it in the dishwasher. After each use, clean, dry and store the bottle and the lid separately. If the bottle is filled with juices, spritzers etc. - i.e. with liquids other than water - the bottle must additionally be cleaned with detergent prior to being rinsed with hot water. It is recommended to unscrew the lid regularly from the bottle. Avoid unnecessary shaking when the bottle contains fizzy drinks and always open carefully. Fill the bottle up to max. 3 cm under the rim. Fermenting, alcoholic, and nutrient-rich drinks can cause excessive pressure to develop. If necessary, allow some pressure to escape by carefully opening the lid

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